Adam Levin was interviewed recently by ESPN Radio New York about the alleged hacking of the Houston Astros by the St. Louis Cardinals where he explained the larger context of the hack and how it related to other recent data breaches.

“It’s sad and surprising in one sense, but then again so was Deflate-gate,” Levin said. “[I]t’s very possible that this hack, if proven, is to sports what Target was to retail, Anthem is to healthcare, and the OPM breach is to government.  It is one heck of a wake-up call.”

While Levin said that this might be part of a more recent digital trend, this sort of behavior is nothing new: “espionage is as old as the Bible… the reality is that in the digital world we live in, the password is becoming rapidly antiquated… there’s got to be a lot more than passwords today.”

The interview, starting at 32:38 can be found here.