Evite breach

Online invitation service Evite notified users about a data breach of user data that included names, usernames, email addresses, passwords, and mailing addresses.

The company disclosed the breach following the release of the affected data on the dark web. A hacker claimed to have access to 10 million user accounts.

“We became aware of a data security incident involving potential unauthorized access to our systems in April 2019. We engaged one of the leading data security firms and launched a thorough investigation. The investigation potentially traced the incident to malicious activity starting on February 22, 2019. On May 14, 2019, we concluded that an unauthorized party had acquired an inactive data storage file associated with our user accounts,” the company announced on its website.

Evite assured users that social security numbers and financial information were not part of the data being sold. The company urged users to reset their passwords and to be on the lookout for suspicious activities.

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Read Evite’s announcement here.