Pitney Bowes Ransomware

U.S. mailing services company Pitney-Bowes experienced services outages after a ransomware attack earlier this week.

“It has been confirmed that our systems have been affected by a malware attack that encrypted information on some systems and disrupted client access to our services. Our technical and operational teams are making progress to restore the affected systems. At this time, the company has seen no evidence that customer or employee data has been improperly accessed,” the company announced in a statement.

Pitney-Bowes reported that the cyberattack had deployed the Ryuk virus, a ransomware program used in recent attacks on several U.S. cities and companies, including Arizona Beverages and Tribune Publishing.  

In response to the incident, business credit rating agency Moody’s issued a “credit negative” event note to Pitney-Bowes, which means the company will be under increased scrutiny from credit agencies, and that further cybersecurity incidents could lead to negative, long term financial repercussions.

The attack on Pitney-Bowes comes on the heels of a warning issued by the FBI to businesses about the increased threat posed by “high impact” ransomware campaigns.