protect your home office


  • Secure Your Router: If you’re still using your router’s manufacturer default password, it’s past time for a change. Your password should be include letters, numbers and special characters in a combination you haven’t used on other accounts. You can also create an extra firewall by configuring your router to block unwanted incoming internet traffic. 
  • Secure Your Webcam: If you’re using an external webcam for videoconferences, disconnect it when you’re not using it. Be sure to change the default manufacturer password, and update software with the latest patches. For built-in laptop webcams, cover the camera and microphone when not in use, and be circumspect when an application requests access. 
  • Beware of Phishing Links: Phishing scams are on the rise. Don’t click on any links or open attachments unless you’re 100% certain the sender is who they claim to be. Confirm requests for data or personal information with a quick phone call to protect against spear phishing. 
  • Update Account Passwords: Don’t reuse passwords from other accounts. Double-check with services such as to see if any of your existing accounts have been part of a data breach.  
  • Place Controls on Children’s Internet Activity: Keep your children off of your work computer and be sure to require administrator passwords that they can’t guess to install new software and apps.