Mathway breach

Over 25 million user logins and passwords from a popular math app are being offered for sale on the dark web following a data breach.

Mathway, a popular app for iOS and Android devices, recently uncovered evidence of the breach after a hacking group announced it was selling Mathway user data on the dark web for roughly $4,000 in Bitcoin. 

ShinyGroup, a hacking group notorious for selling compromised data, announced that they had breached Mathway in January 2020. It is currently unknown if the salts and hashes used to encrypt the passwords can be deciphered, but if they are the value of the data to hackers would increase significantly.

“We recently discovered that certain Mathway customer account data–emails and hashed and salted passwords–was acquired by an unauthorized party.  Upon learning of this, we retained a leading data security firm to investigate, address any vulnerabilities and remediate the incident,” Mathway announced after discovering the breach.

Mathway users are urged to update their account passwords and monitor their accounts for suspicious activity.