GPS location tracking

The NSA has issued a cybersecurity advisory about the use of location data on personal devices, social media accounts, mobile applications, as well as Internet of Things-enabled devices.

The advisory, titled “Limiting Location Data Exposure,” was released August 4. While it is directed at government officials, the advice could also help the general public mitigate risks to data and privacy posed by location-tracking technologies.

Tips in the advisory include:

  • Disabling location settings on personal devices.
  • Turning off Bluetooth and GPS when not in active use.
  • Adjusting default privacy settings in mobile apps.
  • Resetting Advertising IDs on mobile devices at least once per week.
  • Using a Virtual Private Network to conceal user locations.

“While it may not always be possible to completely prevent the exposure of location information, it is possible—through careful configuration and use—to reduce the amount of location data shared,” the advisory concluded.