Hartford ransomware

The city of Hartford, Connecticut’s capital, was hit by a ransomware attack that disrupted many of its critical systems and caused the city’s first day of school to be postponed.

“We are often the subject of cyberattacks,” said Hartford mayor Luke Bronin. This was, however, the most extensive and significant attack that the city has been subject to in the last five years.” 

While Bronin maintained that the damage was mitigated by cybersecurity systems put in place prior to the attack, he admitted that 200 of 300 city’s servers had been compromised, including those used by the city’s public schools.

“[T]he ransomware virus caused an outage of critical systems…This includes the system that communicates our transportation routes to our bus company and it is preventing our ability to operate schools on Tuesday,” Hartford Public School officials announced on its website.

Remote learning classes were also suspended until further notice.