The personal information of technology and culture website users has been discovered in a leaked database online.

Mashable announced the leak late November 8, in an announcement on its website.

“[W]e learned that a hacker known for targeting websites and apps had posted a copy of a Mashable database to the internet.The types of data in the database included first and last names, general location (such as city or country), email addresses, gender, date of registration, IP addresses, links to social media profiles, expired OAuth tokens, and month and day of user birthdays (but not year),” stated the announcement.

The company specified that no user passwords or financial information had been compromised.

While the announcement didn’t specify how many users were affected, Mashable has a user base of roughly 45 million in the United States and United Kingdom.

Mashable users are encouraged to be on the alert for suspicious emails and to avoid sharing potentially sensitive information online, including passwords or financial information. 

The company announced that it is continuing to investigate the incident.