Apple malware update

Apple released its second major security update of 2021. The updates patch a major security vulnerability in Apple’s Safari web browser that allows hackers to deploy malware. 

The company released the updates for computers, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches, representing the bulk of their hardware products. 

Apple’s support website specifies that the updates are “recommended for all users” and apply to WebKit, Safari’s underlying architecture. The security updates specifically safeguard Apple devices from “maliciously crafted web content” that could “lead to arbitrary code execution.”

The company released another urgent patch for Apple devices in late January to address vulnerabilities that allowed hackers to deploy malware and run malicious code on them.


  • All users of Apple devices should apply the security updates immediately.
  • While Apple products have a reputation for being more secure than comparable Microsoft and Android alternatives, no software or device is 100% safe against hacking or malware.
  • Unpatched software and devices are a common target for hackers. Users should regularly run updates to protect against known security vulnerabilities.