Liza and the Phantom Switch

Holiday shopping can be a stressful experience. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic and all its supply chain-induced uncertainty, finding the right gift at the right price was a major hassle. Add to that one-day sales and deals from major retailers and we’re major “buyer beware” territory.

Scammers love this time of year. Phony e-commerce sites offering bargain basement prices for hard-to-find items proliferate online, offering what looks like a quick and easy solution for holiday shoppers.

This week on “What the Hack with Adam Levin,” we talked to a working mother who thought she’d found the bargain of a lifetime while shopping online for a Nintendo Switch. What she received instead was some rough treatment straight out of a scammer’s playbook. 

Want to know more about the ways scammers exploit online shoppers? Looking for ways to suss out a phony e-commerce site? Listen to the latest episode of “What the Hack with Adam Levin,” available wherever you get your audio. 

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