What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast
What the Hack? Podcast

Adam Levin on Radio America: Every Business is a Cybersecurity Target

Adam Levin was featured on Radio America discussing why cybersecurity requires constant vigilance and consistent internal communication to keep hackers and thieves at bay....




Chris Hutchins

Chris Hutchins’s Travel Hacking Gets Hacked

Chris Hutchins had a point. Ten million, in fact. And then they got stolen.
Single, Double and Triple Ransomware

Single, Double, and Triple Extortion Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware gangs are increasingly building in additional layers of extortion in their attacks. Introducing double and triple extortion ransomware attacks.
Tarah Wheeler

Freewheeling with Cyber Red Queen Tarah Wheeler

I know this will come as a shock to you, but there’s a “every gender identity you can imagine gap” in cybersecurity.




NSA Wiretapping

NSA Mass Surveillance Program Is Ruled Illegal

The controversial collection of details on billions of American phone calls by the National Security Agency (NSA) was illegal and possibly unconstitutional, according to...
Messenger eavesdrop

Facebook Hired Outside Contractors to Transcribe User Audio

Facebook hired hundreds of third-party contractors to transcribe recordings of the site’s users, according to Bloomberg.  The social media giant hired the contractors to transcribe...

Catch Me If You Can: What Con Artists Won’t Tell You

Adam Levins spoke with Priya Anand from MarketWatch about the common tricks of the trade for con artists and hackers who make it their...


airplane hack

Researcher Hacks Hundreds of Planes Through a Satellite Equipment Vulnerability

A cybersecurity researcher was able to peek into hundreds of aircraft flying in the air, operated by some of the biggest airlines in the...