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  • Online political petition

    Are Those Online Political Petitions Safe?

    Politics Identity Theft 

    Unless you live on a desert island with a volleyball named Wilson, you’ve probably seen more than a few political petitions in the wake of the 2016 election. The issues are as various as the people circulating them, which is why I began to wonder: Are they safe? The answer: Yes and no. It doesn’t matter the cause, or whether or not you agree with it, your level of exposure is the same. If you […]

  • checking account

    Do You Need a Checking Account to Have Good Credit?

    Personal Finance 

    Since our credit scores are tied so heavily to our finances, you might be wondering if it’s essential to use a checking account at a bank or credit union to have a good credit score. This is a good question, especially if you handle most of your financial obligations using prepaid debit cards and money orders. The short answer here is no, according to Jeff Richardson, a spokesperson for VantageScore Solutions. “It’s probably a little […]

  • Settle debt

    3 Things to Do When Your Credit Card Balances Get Out of Control

    Personal Finance 

    One of the key numbers in your financial life is your debt-to-credit ratio. It has a huge impact on your credit score, and on your budget. Basically, your debt-to-credit ratio is how much debt you carry versus how much credit you have available collectively and on individual revolving accounts, like a credit card. Like other ratios, this one can be expressed as a percentage. For instance, if you have a $5,000 credit limit and a […]

  • Beware the Mouse Buster & Other Cyber Monday Traps


    This Black Friday, millions of shoppers will once again make the final seconds of a close football game look like a store window filled with clumsy puppies. And when they don’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll go online where, in addition to great deals, a cornucopia of scams await. The migration from brick-and-mortar retailers to online shopping is pronounced. Last year set a record, with more than $3 billion in online sales. But that […]

  • Donald Trump

    What Could Happen to the CFPB Under President Trump?

    Consumer Protection 

    Since the day it was created, Republicans have talked about dismantling or defanging the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). With the surprise election of Donald Trump as the next president, and continued Republican control of Congress, the GOP will certainly have that chance. It won’t be easy, however. The brainchild of then-Harvard bankruptcy professor Elizabeth Warren, the CFPB was created in the wake of the financial meltdown caused, in part, by consumer confusion and missteps […]

  • Top Cybersecurity Blog

    AdamLevin.com listed on Feedspot’s Top Cybersecurity Blogs


    Feedspot.com has listed AdamLevin.com on its Top 50 Cybersecurity Blogs for IT Security Blogs on November 14, 2016. From the article, the blog are listed according to: Google reputation and Google search ranking Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites Quality and consistency of posts. Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review Thanks to Feedspot for the recognition!

  • Cybersecurity jobs

    Unfilled jobs are the biggest threat to cybersecurity

    Data Security Cybersecurity Technology 

    Automation, a deeper talent pool and more women can help close infosec gap When asked, “what is the biggest threat to internet security?” the majority of quick-fire answers can likely be represented by the flags of a handful of nation states. Yet examining the nature of the industry, it can easily be argued that the biggest risk internet security faces is the general inability to respond to and counter attacks launched by adversaries. Today, it […]

  • Black friday

    4 Things To Watch Out for This Black Friday

    Consumer Protection 

    Black Friday is right around the corner, and shoppers are already being primed by retailers for the kind of buying gluttony that makes eater’s remorse look like a bloated post-Thanksgiving walk in the park. In the same way that dieters count calories before they start gorging in order to avoid weight gain this time of year, the best way to avoid the accumulation of extra debt is to create a spending plan, a.k.a. a budget, […]

  • anxiety

    Election Anxiety? Here Are 5 Popular Job Openings in Canada


    It seems like the 2016 election has everyone on edge. Though threatening to flee the country during an election year has become somewhat of a tradition in recent years, this particular election — between two wildly different candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — has given those threats a tinge of seriousness. People are seriously thinking about moving to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win, and the numbers show that it may not be just […]

  • gambling

    Can Gambling Affect Your Credit Scores?

    Consumer Protection credit 

    If Las Vegas or Atlantic City are your ideal travel destinations because you love to gamble, luck is on your side: Gambling does not automatically hurt your credit scores. But before you sit down at the blackjack table or roulette wheel and lose a few hundred bucks, you need to know that even though this choice won’t directly harm your credit, it can still be a risky move. There are certain gambling behaviors that can […]