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  • hiding hacks

    It’s Getting Harder to Hide Hacks

    Data Security 

    The Uber hack was an object lesson in the perils of trusting a company to report a data compromise in a timely way, which is why a new hack notification workaround developed by a cybersecurity firm is newsworthy. Cybersecurity firm Tripwire has figured out a way to detect unreported compromises. The impulse to hide evidence of an attack, and keep things mum for as long as possible in the event one happens is strong. Uber […]

  • 12 Scams of Christmas

    The 12 Scams of Christmas for 2017

    Identity Theft 

    Scammers make a killing during the holiday season. While you spend your time thinking of ways to bring holiday joy to others, they spend their time thinking up ways to steal from you. The saddest part about this is that the ghosts of Christmases past keep visiting Christmas present. With that, I give you this year’s 12 scams of Christmas. The Gift Card Scam While definitely a ghost of Christmas past, this still works so […]

  • privacy

    Supreme Court’s ‘Carpenter’ is a chance to improve modern privacy norms


    The Supreme Court is hearing a case this month, Carpenter v. the United States, that represents an opportunity for the country to move in the right direction on privacy. It’s only fitting that a conviction for a series of armed robberies involving the theft of smartphones may determine the way investigators and prosecutors can use cellphone data in the future. Timothy Ivory Carpenter was convicted of planning, supplying guns and acting as a lookout in […]

  • Caspar Mattress Company “Wiretaps” Potential Customers


    A federal lawsuit alleges that the major mattress disruption company Caspar may have “wiretapped” potential customers—and all visitors to the company’s site—in cahoots with a software company named NaviStone. Originally a New York-based, cut-out-the-middleman company, Caspar is now distributed by Target, and its products are available nationally. The case at hand is focused solely on online orders.  The 21-page suit is aimed at class-action status, but currently relates one customer’s claim that a completed but […]

  • Account takeover

    How the Uber Hack Could Get You Robbed This Christmas (Again)

    Data Security Swiped Cybersecurity 

    News that Uber got hacked and 57 million records were compromised may not seem like an overt threat after this year’s constant mega breaches—but it is. A recent study suggests that even something as “harmless” as a breach involving names, phone numbers, and email addresses can lead to account takeover. The study, entitled “Data Breaches, Phishing, or Malware? Understanding the Risks of Stolen Credentials,” was backed by Google and conducted in partnership with the University of California, […]

  • Tips for Buying Safe Connected Devices This Cyber Monday

    Cybersecurity Privacy 

    Keeping up with news alerts about cybersecurity flaws in consumer electronics is a lot like picking up spilled jelly beans one at a time with a plumber’s wrench. Even if you figure out how to do it and have endless patience, a few will skitter out of sight. Assume for the moment that, unlike most people, you think a lot about cybersecurity and you do your homework before buying a connected device. (I know. This […]

  • cybersecurity

    Forever 21 Suffers Breach, Underscores Cybersecurity Basics

    Data Security 

    Word started spreading yesterday the way it often does with cyber events, like fog. The sun burned through it quickly, in this instance, and we now know (sort of)…something happened. Forever 21 is still a little vague on specifics, but between March and October of this year, at least some of the company’s point-of-sale devices were vulnerable to attack. According to news reports, a 2015 encryption upgrade was either not installed or not delivered. The […]

  • SHIELD act

    New York AG Proposes Tougher Data Breach Laws

    Data Security Cybersecurity 

    Even though we haven’t passed the green flags of Thanksgiving, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas—at least for cybersecurity advocates. In this edition of “Someone’s Actually Paying attention,” New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has introduced a bill that expands the definition of a breach in his state. The bill is called the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Security Act, or the SHIELD Act for short, and it already has the support […]

  • Secure email

    Can You Hack-Proof Your Personal Email Address?

    Data Security Swiped 

    How would you feel if the digital “you” were deleted? The common wisdom in cybersecurity circles is that if you think it can’t happen to you, it probably will. Consider Mat Honan’s story. “First my Google account was taken over, then deleted,” Honan wrote. “Next my Twitter account was compromised, and used as a platform to broadcast racist and homophobic messages.” Honan’s AppleID was used to remotely delete all the data on his iPhone, iPad, and […]

  • sex toy eavesdropping

    Buyer Beware: Your Smart Sex Toy Is Listening

    Privacy Technology 

    As if the recent news of every Tom, Dick and Harry out in Hollywood creeping on women in every way imaginable weren’t enough, now comes news that a smart sex toy manufacturer may have been caught creeping on consumers—specifically with a predilection to eavesdrop on lovers in mechanical delicto. The story comes via Reddit: A Lovense remote control vibrator app recorded sessions without the permission of at least one user. It was bound to happen […]