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  • Student loan

    Is Grad School Worth It?

    Personal Finance 

    Q. I’m thinking of going back to school for my Master’s, but I’m not sure my eventual higher salary will be high enough to make it worth it. How can I decide? — Potential student A. Going beyond four years of college can be a costly endeavor, and you’re correct to view it as an investment. Like any investment, there are risks, and you need to determine if this one is worth it. “We find ourselves […]

  • Privacy and security

    8 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

    Data Security Privacy 

    The only sure thing in the world of information security is that there is no such thing as a failsafe solution. It’s crucial not only to keep abreast of the latest threats out there, but to also act as though the mission is to find your way to safety from the middle of a lawless demilitarized zone that’s lousy with enemy snipers. Sound extreme? Remember that Cold War classic “A Few Good Men” when Colonel […]

  • Help! I Owe Money on My Taxes & I Can’t Pay

    Personal Finance 

    If you know you owe taxes but can’t pay right away, don’t despair. There are options, although some are admittedly better than others. Here a few ways to take care of your tax debt so it doesn’t come back to haunt you. Failing to pay your taxes can lead to a tax lien on your credit reports, which can not only be costly, it can severely damage your credit scores. Arrange an Installment Agreement  Even Uncle Sam understands […]

  • Credit Card Mistake

    6 Mistakes People Make When Picking a New Credit Card

    Personal Finance 

    Applying for a new credit card can be very tempting. However, when choosing your credit card, it is important that you find the one that is most appropriate for you. If you don’t do your homework, you may end up paying more than you bargained for. Here are six common mistakes people make when choosing a credit card. 1. Choosing a Card for the Wrong Reasons Even though the attractive rewards and points on department […]

  • Couple Mortgage

    Why You Might Not Want Your Spouse on Your Mortgage

    Mortgages Personal Finance 

    Couples may be inclined to buy a new home together — and, if necessary, apply for a home loan — but new data suggest you ought to think twice before saying “I do” to joint mortgages. In fact, according to a note from the Federal Reserve, some borrowers could have saved a lot of money in interest if they’d applied solo. “Specifically, we find that nearly 10% of prime borrowers who applied for their loans jointly could have lowered their mortgage interest rate at […]

  • iPhone Privacy

    Privacy vs. Security: Where Should We Draw the Encrypted Line in the Sand?

    Data Security Privacy 

    The recent Game of Phones between the FBI and Apple underscored an area in our jurisprudence that is screaming for more clarity. If there is a tipping point when the protection of consumer privacy should yield to the needs of a criminal investigation, where is it? Few will dispute the obvious cases where the Constitutional rights of a citizen are disrupted by a judge who knows (or at least has access to) the legal precedents […]

  • Tax return

    10 Ways You’re Filing Your Taxes Wrong

    Personal Finance 

    Good news: You made it through winter and spring is finally here. Bad news: Your taxes are due! Fortunately, the most common mistakes made on tax returns are fairly easy to avoid. Why should you care? These common mistakes often mean you’re paying more taxes than necessary or, even worse, you’re under-reporting your income and setting yourself up for interest and penalties on unpaid taxes. Here are the top tax mistakes you make when filing […]

  • Affordable Housing

    The U.S. Cities That Are About to Become Unaffordable

    Mortgages Personal Finance 

    When you hear affordable cities, there are four that should be familiar to you now: Cincinnati, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Omaha. But here’s a list of U.S. cities that are rapidly becoming less affordable: Cincinnati, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Omaha. In other words, the secret is out. The good news is, many of these places are still affordable — for now. The bad news is that time might be running out. Data crunchers at RealtyTrac have supplied Credit.com with information on […]

  • Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves

    Swiped Gets a Top Spot on 800ceoread Best Seller List

    Identity Theft 

    Adam Levin’s book Swiped: How to Protect Yourself in a World Full of Scammers, Phishers, and Identity Thieves was #4 on 800ceoread’s March 2016 Business Book Bestsellers. To find out more about Swiped, click here.

  • Will the Obama Administration Side With Debt Collectors?

    Column Blog 

    With the Supreme Court in flux, the highest authority in U.S. law has punted a landmark case over to the executive branch, effectively asking it to decide whether debt collectors can charge interest rates so high they’re deemed illegal in some states. In Madden v. Midland Funding, LLC., a debt collection company purchased the plaintiff’s charged-off debt, but the plaintiff resided in New York state where the usury limit is 25% annually. The complaint was […]