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  • You’re Making the Same Money Your Parents Did … But You’re Probably Working Harder

    Retirement Personal Finance 

    Well, Millennial, you may have lower credit scores than Mom, less financial stability than Dad, and lack the funds to leave your childhood home. But there is one thing you have in common with the ‘rents — you’re probably making the same amount of money they did at your age. According to a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP), median compensation (wages plus the value of employer benefits) for a 30-year-old in 2014 […]

  • The Swiped Guide to Identity Theft

    INFOGRAPHIC: The Swiped Guide to Identity Theft

    Infographic Identity Theft 

    Identity Theft takes on many shapes and forms – here are three ways to “get got,” courtesy of Swiped by Adam Levin.

  • Credit report

    The Best Investment You Have: Your Credit

    Financial Literacy credit 

    When it comes to investments, there is no end to the commentary about the best ways to do it. Often there is substantial risk. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, there’s one portfolio that could be the deciding factor on whether you go on that family vacation, buy a new car or retire early — and it requires no capital at all. The portfolio I’m talking about is not affected by daily stock […]

  • Donald Trump

    Would Gawker Be Able to Punk President Trump?


    On the Sunday before Super Tuesday, Donald Trump did something that would have been a serious misstep for any other campaign, and yet it was lost in conversations about renounced, or un-renounced, KKK endorsements and Hillary Clinton’s rout of Bernie Sanders in South Carolina. What happened was simple. Mr. Trump retweeted a quotation that had been tweeted at him a little after six in the morning. The quotation in question certainly sounded like something The […]

  • Credit Card

    Are Hackers Already Outsmarting New Chip Credit Cards?

    Data Security Personal Finance 

    Visa has released data showing adoption of Visa chip cards by U.S. banks and merchants is gathering steam. But the capacity for Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) chip cards to swiftly and drastically reduce payment card fraud in the United States is by no means assured. Just look north to Canada, where EMV cards have been in wide use since 2011. Criminals have simply shifted fraudulent use of payment card accounts to online purchases—where the physical card does […]

  • How Tim Cook Is Securing Steve Jobs’s Legacy with Encryption

    Column Data Security Blog 

    Steve Jobs understood what people want. His insistence on making hard things easier — for instance, using a personal computer — was an essential part of the Apple success story. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been doing the same thing — but now the “hard thing” is privacy and encryption. Apple has consistently earned top marks for its privacy and data security policies. That said, since the San Bernardino shooting, which left 14 dead and […]

  • Debt

    5 Sad Facts About Americans’ Savings

    Personal Finance 

    Spend less than you earn. It’s not a complicated concept, but in reality, saving is anything but simple. Americans have struggled for years to save adequately for emergencies, retirement and major life events, and that’s still the case, according to a new survey. The Consumer Federation of America and the American Savings Education Council coordinated the survey as a part of America Saves Week, which encourages people to make automatic contributions to their savings. This […]

  • Money

    How to Use Your Extra Day of Income This Leap Year

    Personal Finance Money 

    If you’re an hourly worker, February could potentially give you an extra day of earnings this year, thanks to Leap Year. That means, for example, if you make $12 an hour, you’ll have almost an extra $100 before taxes that you can use to shore up your personal finances. It might not be a huge amount, but it could get you on the road to reaching your financial goals. Here are five ways you can use […]

  • Scam Alert

    Tax Email Scams Are Up 400%

    Identity Theft Technology 

    Filers beware: There’s a good chance there’s a tax scam email in your inbox. According to the Internal Revenue Service, there’s been an approximate 400% surge in phishing and malware incidents so far this tax season. In other words, plenty of thieves are currently sending out texts and emails under the guise of the IRS or other tax industry players this year. These messages are an attempt to steal personal information or data related to your tax refunds, filing status, transcripts […]

  • Why Hillary Clinton’s Emails Matter This Year

    Column Data Security Blog 

    There is no shortage of punditry about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server, and the resulting fallout, aka “Emailgate.” Whether you read the commentary dedicated to killing her candidacy, or calmer voices focused on the bigger picture of national cybersecurity, Secretary Clinton gets failing marks — and rightly so. Unlike some of Secretary Clinton’s critics, I don’t believe that the email controversy is, first and foremost, proof of some deep character flaw that […]