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  • Credit Cards

    3 Things You Should Absolutely Never Do With a Credit Card

    credit Personal Finance 

    There are two kinds of credit card advice. What you will most commonly hear are smart recommendations for how to use your credit card. These tips typically include ways to minimize your debt and maximize your rewards while avoiding fees. And while these can be valuable suggestions, some people ignore them and continue to use their credit cards, however imperfectly. But there is another type of advice that goes beyond mere suggestions and is more like a large, flashing […]

  • The CIA Director Got Hacked Because of Data Breach Fatigue

    Column Blog 

    “He’s supposed to be so high in the government. Head of CIA. He should be more clever.” Those are the words of an alleged hacker from a self-styled “operation” called CWA—Crackas With Attitudes—in conversation with CNNMoney’s Laurie Segall. The alleged hackers accessed sensitive information stashed in the private email accounts of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and CIA Director John Brennan. As it stands now, the FBI and the Secret Service are looking into claims […]

  • Debt

    How to Get on the Same Financial Page With Your Spouse

    Personal Finance 

    When you say “I do,” many wedding vows have you agreeing to a lifetime of better or worse, in sickness and health for richer or poorer. The richer or poorer section of vows may seem silly to two (mostly) financially stable individuals tying the knot. But money can be a point of contention for many marriages. It’s important to take the time to discuss goals and strategies with your partner before the wedding day and then […]

  • 4 Steps for Getting the Best Financial Aid

    student loans 

    We have all heard it in the news. Most of us have even heard it from our friends and family: Student loan debt is taking a serious toll on those who choose to pursue higher education. In order to curb some of these intimidating costs, it’s a good idea to make sure that you or your child applies to receive financial aid. You may think you know how to fill out the necessary forms and get […]

  • Physician Heal Thyself: Are Your Medical Records Safe?

    Column Blog 

    According to an article in Tech Times, healthcare providers in the U.S. may lose $305 billion in the next five years due to cyberattacks. One way those attacks keep happening: BYOD, or bring your device to work. One definition of insanity, according to Einstein (and my chief content officer Michael Schreiber), is to do the same thing, over and over, expecting a different result. Well, when it comes to cybersecurity, the precautions one can take […]

  • The Defense Question We Should Continue Debating: Cybersecurity

    Column Blog 

    It doesn’t matter if they are state-sponsored or live in their parents’ basement. Hackers thrive in the shadows of our culture. Leaders hesitate to declare supremacy over them lest they get taught a very public lesson in humility. But, if a superpower uses those hackers to access a foreign government’s information, and that’s not an act of war, what next? Jim Webb, a heavily decorated war veteran, tried to get his fellow presidential hopefuls to […]

  • Thinking About Taking Out a Loan? Read This First

    Financial Literacy Personal Finance 

    The prospect of taking on debt can be nerve-racking, but borrowing money can also help you make life-changing purchases. From funding your higher education to buying a home to meeting other financial needs, most people borrow money eventually. It’s a good idea to remember that it is always a financial risk when you borrow money, so it is important to do your research before making this kind of financial commitment. If you aren’t sure you […]

  • Does Your Airline Really Understand Data Security?

    Column Blog 

    A friendly reminder to organizations in regular communication with the public: You never know who John Q. Public is; for example, it could be me—Adam K. Levin. (Not to be confused with the singer of the almost same name—Adam Levine.) But there are a bunch of Adam Levins, which is why my middle name (Kenneth) and initial (K) actually matter. Here’s the short version of my recent saga with American Airlines. The name on my […]

  • 6 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Companies Looking to Protect Their Data

    Data Security Blog Technology 

    In my forthcoming book, Swiped, partially excerpted below, I examine some of the enterprise level, cybersecurity best practices. These are the questions organizations need to ask themselves if they want to protect the data they are sitting on. Some of the considerations: Does the organization use a standards-based security architecture that is integrated into all technology processes? In plain language, sending personal information via attachment on an email is a “technology process.” This would include […]

  • Your Right to Sue Your Bank May Be Getting Stronger

    Banking Consumer Protection 

    The fine print may be small, but it’s about to be the subject of a very large fight that will impact virtually every American consumer. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Wednesday it will propose a ban on arbitration clauses that prevent consumers from participating in class-action lawsuits, a move likely to generate the consumer watchdog’s biggest fight to date. Corporations with an eye towards streamlining disputes with customers have for years included mandatory arbitration […]