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  • Last-Minute Tax Filers: Beware of This Obamacare Scam

    Personal Finance 

    For all stripe of rip-off artist, tax season might as well be called open season. Scams are legion, and navigating a solution after the fact can be somewhere between maddening and negotiating an Iran deal that everyone likes. Last month the IRS issued a warning that received scant attention from the media, but nonetheless could impact millions of taxpayers this year — particularly targeting low-income, elderly and Spanish-speaking taxpayers. The scam takes advantage of the […]

  • Credit Card

    Switch to chip & sign credit cards still leaves users exposed

    credit Identity Theft 

    The way Americans spend money is on the verge of its biggest change in decades, but the drumbeat of doubters continues to get louder. New chip-enabled credit cards are slowly getting into consumers’ hands in advance of a looming deadline later this year. But a Walmart executive recently told CNN that U.S. chip cards are a “joke,” and a new report examining other countries’ changeovers suggests criminals around the globe merely switched tactics and kept […]

  • Will Your Next Debt Collector Be a Robot?

    Personal Finance 

    Are the days of debt collectors sitting in cubicles “dialing for dollars” numbered? Debt collection, like many sectors of the economy, is starting to go digital. So if the idea of talking with a debt collector automatically puts your stomach in knots, you may be in for a pleasant surprise: In the not-too-distant future, your debt collector may be a computer. William Lowe, director of operations for Gluu.org, a firm that writes and supports open source […]

  • Premera Breach

    (Video) Premera Warned By Government Weeks Before Hacking

    Government Video 

    Adam Levin spoke with the Willis Report about the Blue Cross Premera data breach, and the recent revelation that they were warned by the government that their data was vulnerable weeks before being hacked. “This was worse than Target,” Levin said “… this had all of your personal identifying information as well as medical claims information, so not only could you be subject every form of identity theft you could fantasize about, you could also […]

  • It Took Just One Email to Compromise the Leaders of the Free World

    Column Blog 

    Whether an autofill mishap or a “What in the name of God were you thinking?” move, somebody’s shrimp is on the barbie at Australia’s immigration department after an officer there emailed President Obama’s passport number and other personal information to an organizer at the Asian Cup football tournament. And before you think otherwise: Yeah, it matters. An Australian freedom of information request recently revealed that the personally identifiable information (PII) of many of the world […]

  • White House

    White House Privacy Bill Faces Long Road Ahead

    Government Privacy 

    The recently released White House Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights discussion draft may give consumers better protections than currently available in the United States. But it has too many loopholes and weak enforcement, privacy experts say. And even the Federal Trade Commission — which ultimately would enforce the legislation — has criticized the draft. A fact sheet released by the White House acknowledges the need for strong consumer information protection, as more and more data […]

  • How This Federal Data Breach Law Could Actually Hurt Consumers

    Column Data Security Blog 

    With each passing brand name mega-breach—Home Depot, Target, JPMorgan Chase, Anthem—it becomes ever more urgent for government and industry to get on the same page about how to protect consumers. Sadly, not all laws are created equal, and there are few better examples of this homespun truth than a would-be federal law currently wending its way through Congress. And not to put too fine a point on it, the Data Security and Breach Notification Act […]

  • Identity Theft Victim Spends 32 Days in Jail

    Identity Theft 

    A Georgia man says he spent 32 days in a Missouri jail for crimes a former roommate committed. It was a case of identity theft, James Molden told a local news reporter, saying the ex-roommate used Molden’s Social Security number and photo ID to open several bank accounts and take out an auto loan in Molden’s name. Molden said he filed a police report in Georgia, but when the thief failed to make payments on […]

  • Personal Loan

    BSA Offers Up to $1 Million to Bust Software Pirates


    When you were a kid, you may have heard that nobody likes a tattletale. That isn’t true. BSA The Software Alliance loves tattletales. If you report software piracy to BSA and your information directly results in a legal settlement between the alliance and the offending party, you can get a significant cut of that settlement. BSA advocates for the software industry, and some of its members include tech giants like Adobe, Apple and Microsoft. It […]

  • Marc Weber Tobias and Adam Levin on Identity Theft

    Personal Finance Identity Theft 

    Security experts Marc Weber Tobias and Adam Levin discussed the recent trends in identity theft, and the threat it poses to consumers. To read the article on Forbes.com, click here, or click the video above to see the full interview.