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  • Privacy Tips While Using Mobile Devices on the Go

    Data Security 

    Your mobile devices – including smartphones, laptops and tablets ‒ are always within reach everywhere you go, whether for work, travel or entertainment. These devices make it easy to connect to the world around you, but they can also expose a lot of info about you and your friends and family, like your contacts, photos, videos, location and health and financial data to the bad guys.  It’s important to stay cyber safe when using your […]

  • Donald Trump

    How to Prepare Your Money for a Trump Presidency

    Personal Finance 

    After a volatile election, President-elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20. Consumers are divided over what this means for their finances — some are eager to bet big on American stocks, while others are considering hiding their cash under a mattress. To help you prepare for the changes ahead, we spoke with a handful of financial experts who shared their thoughts on investing with caution. ‘Dysfunctional Politics Aren’t New’  “We tend to […]

  • Cyber Security

    How Secure Will Cybersecurity Be Under Trump?

    Government Cybersecurity 

    I have to admit that when President-elect Trump uttered “the cyber” during the first presidential debate, I was right there with the tech community in the collective eye-rolling that followed. “The Cyber” memes were born, along with real concern about the candidate’s grasp on cyber security, and with the recent announcement of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as the cyber czar, those concerns multiplied. The seeming “misunderestimation,” or possibly anti-comprehension, regarding something so […]

  • Ransomware

    5 Sure Signs Ransomware Attacks Are Intensifying

    Personal Finance 

    Ransomware continues to pose a potent threat to individuals and, increasingly, to companies. What’s worse, all signs point to ransomware attacks escalating the rest of this year and into 2017. How bad is it? Arctic Wolf Networks has measured a 433 percent spike in ransomware attacks over the past year, and the FBI says victims paid up $209 million in the first quarter of 2016, up from $24 million in all of 2015. And that […]

  • How Your Netflix Obsession Could Get You Scammed


    A new scam targeting Netflix users is being reported by a cyber-security company that says the scammers are trying to get credit card and other personal information. FireEye Labs first reported the phishing scam earlier this week, saying customers should be wary of any emails asking them to update their Netflix member information. Netflix had not posted any guidance for customers on its blogs nor released an official statement at the time of this writing, but […]

  • ATM Hack

    At new eATMs, customers can get cash without a card—and so can hackers

    Cybersecurity Technology 

    More troubling evidence that banks and retailers push convenience on consumers to boost profits—while knowingly making it easier for criminals to steal—arose this week. Case in point: the terribly bungled rollout of newfangled “eATM” cash machines by Chase. Last year, you may recall, Chase promised to upgrade all its ATMs to this fun new technology. The so-called eATMs use smartphones instead of debit cards to authenticate users. Smartphones, indeed, are a very reliable way to […]

  • Privacy

    Could What Your Amazon Alexa Overhears Be Used Against You?


    Have you seen the Geico ad with the talking parrot? A 19th-century ship is boarded, the captain surrounded by pirates. The leader shouts, “Let’s feed him to the sharks,” (pirate cheers and swords held high) “and take all his gold” (more cheers). The parrot repeats these lines, and adds, “and hide it from the crew. They’re all morons anyway.” The voiceover at the end of the Geico ad explains, “If you’re a parrot, you repeat […]

  • tax scam

    How to Scam-Proof Your Taxes

    Swiped Personal Finance Identity Theft 

    This may not be what you want to hear this week, but it is entirely possible the Internal Revenue Service already has your tax return for 2016. If this is news to you, and it turns out to be true in your case, you’ve been scammed. As a result, your refund could be sent to an identity thief in a few weeks, and it’s unlikely anything can stop that from happening. Unfortunately, tax refund fraud is a […]

  • Unaffordable cities

    20 Cities That Are Quickly Becoming Unaffordable

    Financial Literacy Money 

    America’s housing market continued its staggering post-recession rise in 2016, as many regions surpassed their pre-recession-bubble highs. With interest rates finally rising, might some of those places be primed for a fall…or at least a pause? The list of U.S. areas that could be hurt most by rising mortgage costs is not your typical list of overheated housing markets, as some fast-growing, but still modestly-priced Midwestern towns could feel the pain first. Rising home values […]

  • smartphone security

    Why Your Smartphone Is a Massive Threat to Your Company’s Security

    Data Security Cybersecurity 

    Information security is hard. Complete security is not just virtually implausible–it is pretty close to impossible. Enter BYOD–Bring Your Own Device–and the almost, practically, nearly impossible becomes whatever is worse than that. The rattle bag of devices–smartphones, tablets and personal computers–people bring to work and use to access the network and an organization’s sensitive data almost guarantee trouble. With so many ways to get “got,” BYOD makes keeping the bad guys out an absurd proposition. […]