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  • The HR Decision that Could Sink Your Business

    Column Blog 

    Your human resources department plays a vital role in how your company gets things done. It makes sure you are staffed properly, that benefits are administered and many other important obligations are met in a timely manner. Everyone knows the pitfalls of the HR department. If they recruit a bad player, it can hurt morale, but it won’t necessarily sink the ship. There is, however, an HR-related obligation that, if left unmet, can take a […]

  • The 5 Dumbest Credit Mistakes

    Column Blog Personal Finance 

    Several years ago, I watched in amazement when the CEO of a major identity theft protection firm, appeared in a series of commercials waving his Social Security card in the air, parading his Social Security number on a billboard through heavily populated urban areas and screaming his SSN through a bullhorn as a challenge to those who believed that he couldn’t protect it. As a result, he couldn’t protect it and became a 13-time victim […]

  • How to Remember All the Passwords You’re Resetting

    Column Blog 

    If you’re like most people, the news of the Heartbleed bug and how broadly its security flaw spread is worrisome enough. But the list of sites where you absolutely have to change your passwords looks daunting for anyone. You probably have to change passwords on your email, your Facebook, and maybe even your online dating profile, not to mention potentially countless online shopping sites (depending upon the depth and breadth of your need to shop […]

  • Why a Perfect Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

    Column Financial Literacy Blog 

    There are some people in life for whom an A on a report card was never good enough, who idly wondered why they were never above the 99th percentile on standardized tests and relentlessly beat themselves up whenever they came in second. In adulthood, some of those same people are relentlessly pursuing the highest possible FICO credit score – an 850. I’m here to tell those people to stop. The idea of “gaming” your already-excellent […]

  • CNBC: How the Heartbleed SSL Flaw Effects You

    Column Blog 

    Adam was on CNBC’s The Closing Bell this afternoon to talk about the Heartbleed security flaw, which could affect two thirds of websites world wide. No one knows how long the flaw has existed, or what the level of exposure might be. Could it be the next Target? Adam thinks it’s better to assume that breaches and security problems will happen: he calls them the third certainty in life. The answer: transparency and quick solutions. […]

  • Why You Are Vulnerable To Tax Identity Theft

    Column Data Security Blog 

    A few weeks ago, a friend of mine – let’s call her Mallory – got an unsettling call from her accountant. The accountant had been preparing Mallory’s taxes, hit “Send” to e-file the finished return, and it was rejected. Someone had already filed a tax return using Mallory’s Social Security number. She’d been a victim of tax identity theft. The accountant called the IRS, but they wouldn’t talk to her. Mallory called and was directed […]

  • The Data Breach Factor So Many Companies Forget: Emotion

    Column Data Security Blog 

    Smart business people know that they must secure their systems to withstand the most determined and persistent real-world, as well as cyber, attacks. They must minimize their risk of exposure by deploying the most sophisticated security and anti-malware software, using outside firms to frequently penetration-test their cyber defenses, continuously training their employees to comply with the most stringent security protocols, investigating every vendor and installing state-of-the-art physical security equipment. They must obsessively monitor all of […]

  • The Debt Tax: What Owing Money Costs You

    Column Financial Literacy Blog 

    If you’re carrying debts — from student loans, credit cards, a car note or a mortgage — you could probably tell me roughly how much you owe and at what interest rates you owe it. Thanks to the CARD Act, those of us who carry credit card debt now see how long it will take to pay it off on our monthly statements. It’s likely, however, that most folks don’t realize that by spending money […]

  • Stanford’s $4 Million Data Breach Settlement Proves You Are Your Vendor

    Data Security Blog 

    My alma mater, Stanford University, is awaiting final judicial approval of a $4 million settlement in a class action suit over its 2011 data breach. Each of the 20,000 class members — whose confidential medical records were left up online for almost a year — will receive $100 and Stanford Hospital & Clinics will fund a $500,000 educational program to help prevent similar breaches in the future. The question, however, is who the program will […]

  • IRS Warns Of Largest-Ever Phone Scam Targeting Taxpayers

    Blog Identity Theft 

    There’s nothing that strikes fear into the hearts of men (and women) like a call from the IRS — and this tax season, that’s what a new group of identity thieves counted on to bilk taxpayers out of over $1 million and counting. In this new scam, which is so serious that the Treasury Inspector General for Taxpayer Administration issued a warning about on Thursday, thieves contact individuals by phone and demand immediate payment for […]