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  • In the New Economy, You Don’t Buy a Product: You Are the Product

    Blog Personal Finance Privacy 

    How much would you pay to secure your personal information from data farmers and marketers — and anyone that might be able to hack their servers? $100? $1,000? More? What if I told you that you gave it to them for $5 off your next $100 purchase? Because every time you gave your ZIP code to a store clerk last weekend for one of your Christmas gift purchases, that’s what you did. But the real […]

  • Should You Buy a Tablet for Your Kid?

    Blog Personal Finance Technology 

    There isn’t a holiday season that goes by that most parents aren’t treated to the seasonal joy of caroling neighbors and cajoling children. There’s always something your kids want that you don’t want to give them, whether because it’s too expensive, too mature or too hard to find. But this year, you should seriously consider giving him or her that pricey iPad (or tablet) that adorns many an underage wishlist this year — not for […]

  • What We Can Learn From the Healthcare.gov Debacle

    Government health care Blog 

    In a House committee hearing this week, several security experts agreed with committee Republicans that it would be better to shut down Healthcare.gov than continue piecemeal efforts to fix the as-yet unknown number of issues (including flaws that could expose users to identity theft). This is just the latest example of how the Obama Administration bungled the cornerstone of its legacy: providing millions of Americans access to affordable health insurance. While there are parts of […]

  • 4 Ways to Avoid Charity and Disaster Relief Scams

    Charity Blog Personal Finance 

    It is virtually impossible to see the devastation after Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines or last weekend’s tornadoes in the Midwest, and not feel a tug on your heartstrings. After all, so many people were left with so little, and it could take so little from you or me to help them get food and clean water, shelter and even clothing to begin to replace what was lost. Charity scam artists use that near-universal empathy […]

  • Why the Adobe Hack Scares Me — And Why It Should Scare You

    Data Security Blog Technology 

    If you’re one of those folks who believed that “it will never happen to me,” when it comes to identity theft, the hack of Adobe’s internal database isn’t just bad news — it’s scary. It is increasingly inevitable that every business will suffer some kind of data breach — and that each of us will be a victim of identity theft, possibly as a result of one of those breaches. Suddenly, just being careful about […]

  • New Identity Theft Victims: The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

    Identity Theft 

    In this day and age, the question is no longer whether or not your identity will be stolen – it’s when it will get stolen and how bad the damage will be. The Denver Broncos Cheerleaders found that out the hard way this year when β€” according to police reports β€” Christopher Jason Bahl and Gary Dean Crowther allegedly stole mail from the mailbox of a Cheerleaders staff member and discovered a check from the […]

  • Baby Boomers Beware: Scammers Are After Your Parents’ Money

    Financial Literacy Blog Personal Finance 

    It’s no great secret that I’m a big fan of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and its crucial work to help improve our financial literacy and protect us from financial predators. Since I have dedicated much of my career to helping consumers better understand their own finances and credit, and how to protect and restore their identities after personal compromises or data breaches, I’m thrilled to see more Americans getting the help they need from […]

  • Financial info

    4 Simple Things to Do Every Year to Save Money

    Financial Literacy Blog Personal Finance Money 

    For many people, managing finances feels like an overwhelming task. Our lives are incredibly busy as it is, and folks in my line of work tend to throw around acronyms and jargon until too many people just throw their hands up in despair. It all can seem so overwhelming and some of us simply never get started. Fear not. It really doesn’t have to be that way. There are four simple things you can do […]

  • What Your Search History Says About You (And How to Shut It Up)


    With this week’s revelation that the NSA secretly hacked into the data centers that power Google and Yahoo users’ emails and documents (allowing them to check out users’ files at will and without warrants), one is forced to wonder if Americans are aware of exactly how much personal information the NSA might find there — and how much they agreed to provide. After all, type anything into a Google search and its auto-complete function provides […]

  • Could Law Enforcement Leverage Facebook Data to Identify You?

    Data Security Government Blog Technology 

    Facebook’s privacy policies have always been the subject of debate among its users — especially when they change, as they did this month for underage users. After all, when you’re putting so much information online where anyone can see it, how upset can you be when the public sees it? But what if “the public” is law enforcement, and their idea of fair use is uploading all your pictures into a vast database used to […]