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  • Marketing to Students: Should Kids (Under 18) Have a Credit Card?

    Financial Literacy Lifehacking Education Consumer Protection Blog Personal Finance 

    The CARD Act has a provision that puts some limitations on marketing and granting credit cards to folks under the age of 21. The provision in question is pretty simple — if a person applying for a credit card is under 21, either he or she has to prove independent ability to pay or they must find a co-signer. Whereas Congress probably intended that parents and older siblings would be the designated co-signers, it would […]

  • Are the Deregulators Trying to Destroy the Economy?

    Government Banking Consumer Protection Blog Money 

    I understand that deregulators are committed to an ideology. We all need something to believe in, after all, and they believe in the power of markets to both create growth and self-regulate. That’s all very nice and looks good on paper, but given the past few years, that argument simply doesn’t pass the straight face test. I mean, let’s be real, deregulation nearly destroyed our economy as the past few years clearly demonstrate. But the […]

  • Are CARD Act Critics in Complete Denial?

    Financial Literacy Government Banking Politics Consumer Protection Blog 

    In law school, I was taught – as are all aspiring lawyers – to perfect the art of arguing any and/or all sides of a case. The lawyer’s mantra – “If you can’t beat on the facts, beat on the law. If you can’t beat on the law, beat on the facts. If you can’t beat on either the facts or the law, beat on the table.” The American Bankers Association has been a vociferous […]

  • A 17-Year ID Theft Saga Finally Ends

    Blog Identity Theft 

    For those who say that identity theft isn’t a big deal, that it can generally be resolved by making a few phone calls to banks and credit card companies when your credit card is compromised or new accounts opened in your name, to quote Rod Serling, “Submitted for your consideration” the case of a Florida grandfather of nine, Lawrence E. Smith. ABC News‘ Jessica Hopper reports that Mr. Smith filed for a $704 tax refund […]

  • How the Feds Got the Guy They Already Had

    Government Blog Identity Theft 

    You have to appreciate genius. You also have to scratch your head and ask whether the inmates (literally) are running the asylum. On January 20, 2011, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio announced that Dimorio McDowell, the leader of an identity theft ring that ran up $250,000 of fraudulent charges, was sentenced to more than 14 years in prison. Unfortunately, while the crime is not unusual and the amount wasn’t shocking, […]

  • The Javelin Conundrum: Making Sense of the Latest Identity Theft Numbers

    Data Security Blog Identity Theft 

    At first blush one might be cheered by the results of the newly released Javelin Strategy & Research 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report. The Good News Identity fraud incidents decreased in the United States by 28%. That’s three million less victims than reported in their findings in 2009. The total overall fraud amount dropped from $56 billion to $37 billion in 2010. The mean loss per consumer dropped from just under $5,000 to just over […]

  • Big Apple Store Scam Arrests Bring ID Theft Back to Basics

    Blog Identity Theft 

    I know, the threat of identity theft may still seem abstract to you. What does identity theft really mean, anyway? A big arrest in Manhattan may make the whole concept a bit more literal. The district attorney of Manhattan recently arrested 27 (alleged) balls of slime for taking stolen credit card numbers on a two-year shopping spree at Apple stores across the country. The scam was moderately sophisticated. The crime ring’s founder, Shaheed Bilal, and […]

  • 10 Super Bowl Scams (and How NOT to Get Played)

    Lifehacking Blog Identity Theft 

    This week, tens of thousands of hysterical Steelers and Packers devotees are descending upon Arlington Stadium in Texas — ready to party like it is 1999. They will be joined in restaurants, bars and living rooms around the globe by tens of millions (indeed, hundreds of millions) of fellow football fanatics, as well as those of us who simply like to celebrate everything, including but not limited to, sunrise and sunset, totally revved up for […]

  • Financial Responsibility: A Reaction or A Reality?

    Financial Literacy Blog Personal Finance Money 

    In five short years we’ve gone from no borrower left behind, to no borrower left standing… and even those borrowers who somehow managed to claw their way back onto the train were often unceremoniously flung back off the trestle. It seemed that no one, except for a few dozen guys at Goldman Sachs, was safe. While most financial reports are exhausting, terrifying and uncertain, the only thing we seem to be able to count on […]

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    Your Credit Report: A Resume, Not a Rap Sheet

    Financial Literacy Blog Personal Finance Money 

    As long as I can remember, most consumers have regarded credit as the destroyer of worlds—a scary black cloud hovering over us all—and the credit reporting agencies as the institutional manifestation of Darth Vader. I must admit, the concept of busy little gnomes tracking every credit transaction, inscribing each in an individual’s discrete financial book of life and then publishing, for good measure, a GPA-like number next to their name—which can determine whether, and at […]