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  • Chinese hacker

    A Wisconsin Mom-and-Pop Shop Proves Any Small Business Could Fall Victim to Chinese Hackers

    Personal Finance 

    There are Chinese take-out orders in PCs all over the world, but they’re not going through Seamless or any other food delivery service. These orders are aimed at cyber security vulnerabilities, and hackers are calling the shots. The goals vary, but the orders of attack could very well be coming from your company’s computer network. And it doesn’t matter if your organization is small, large or somewhere in between. Target famously got hacked not because […]

  • Scam #12 ATM Skimming


    The holiday season is the prime time for fraudsters looking to take advantage of distracted, frenzied shoppers. Consumers are worried about protecting their data because of the spike in hack attacks, phishing schemes and scams. Despite the festivities and spirit of giving, it is becoming more difficult for consumers to avoid the bad guys in a dangerous digital world. Don’t let Cyber Grinches steal your cash and holiday cheer. To keep you cyber safe for […]

  • IoT

    Gifting a ‘Smart’ Device This Holiday? Here’s How to Keep its Recipient From Getting Hacked

    Swiped Cybersecurity 

    In October 2016, there was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that caused serious traffic issues at major internet destinations like Amazon, PayPal and a host of other heavily trafficked sites. You may be giving a gift this holiday season that could make a similar attack possible. Spot check: Does the gift you plan to give connect to the internet? If you answered “Yes,” keep reading. A DDoS attack makes an online site or […]

  • child's privacy

    Do Some Toys Threaten Your Child’s Privacy?


    Is Santa spying on your kids? A set of consumer groups think so and are petitioning the Federal Trade Commission to step in on Tuesday. In a broader report accompanying the complaint, consumer groups are warning that a coming “Internet of Toys” could have long-term implications for child safety. “Product safety is no longer just about a small toy that you are afraid your kid will choke on,” said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the […]

  • toxic work environment

    How to Protect Your Data Without Creating a Toxic Environment

    Data Security Technology 

    There’s nothing quite like a company-wide directive to spread a sense of malaise at the office, especially when it’s about data security–worse yet if it comes in the wake of a data compromise. It is critical to approach the issue in a productive, non-threatening way. All the good intentions in the world can’t keep “information security” from instilling insecurity in the hearts of most employees. Call it “infosec,” as your company’s go-to insiders may be […]

  • Swiped Square

    SWIPED Featured as #1 on Amazon Bestsellers Hot New Releases


    The newly-released paperback version of Adam Levin’s SWIPED debuted at #1 on Amazon’s Bestsellers Hot New Releases List in Privacy and Online Safety. Click here to order your copy. Click here to enter the SWIPED Sweepstakes to hack proof your home.  

  • holiday debt

    Why You Should Treat Your Credit Card Like a Debit Card This Holiday Shopping Season

    Personal Finance 

    Black Friday has come and gone. Cyber Monday is behind us, too. But if you are like most consumers, there’s still a fair amount of holiday shopping to be done, and if you’re not careful it could be your financial undoing. According to The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence Survey, families plan to spend an average of $563 on gifts in 2016. It’s a slight dip from the previous year, but for our purposes, the number […]

  • Swiped Square

    Swiped Excerpt: Culture Eats Strategy

    Swiped Identity Theft 

    This is an excerpt from SWIPED by Adam K Levin, now out in paperback. A strong corporate culture is a work in progress, constantly evolving. It stays ahead of the curve because it never stops applying the processes that make it successful—the consequence of clear leadership and a culture where employees feel invested in their work is that they take ownership of the tasks assigned to them. Something like the Sony hack—where the enemy is […]

  • Holiday budget

    6 Ways to Hack Your Holiday Bills

    Personal Finance 

    The holidays represent a celebration of faith and a fun time with family, yet they’re far from cheap. After buying for your kids, your relatives and holiday get-togethers galore, it’s easy to start the new year with an empty wallet. The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts the average consumer will spend $935.58 on holiday gifts this year. If you hope to spend less than average, it’s best to start planning now. While saving money over the holidays isn’t easy, it […]

  • Online political petition

    Are Those Online Political Petitions Safe?

    Politics Identity Theft 

    Unless you live on a desert island with a volleyball named Wilson, you’ve probably seen more than a few political petitions in the wake of the 2016 election. The issues are as various as the people circulating them, which is why I began to wonder: Are they safe? The answer: Yes and no. It doesn’t matter the cause, or whether or not you agree with it, your level of exposure is the same. If you […]