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  • Will the Pension Generation Be Able to Retire Comfortably?Personal Finance


    When it comes to consumer content on retirement planning, the industry is silent about the Silent Generation. It seems that most articles are related to the markets or the vast number of Boomers that are retiring every day. As a result, there are many living Americans in their 70s and 80s who are not getting the financial planning information they will likely need down the road. But why? This generation has assets, lives comfortably, and often […]

  • Open Letter on the OPM BreachPersonal Finance


    “It’s really frustrating to think that my family might suffer from my information having been stolen.” Those are the words of David Thul, who served 22 years with the Minnesota National Guard, was deployed to Kosovo in 2003 and again to Iraq from 2005 to 2007. “My country didn’t have my back,” Thul told Credit.com’s Christine DiGangi. The latest numbers on the OPM breach are in: 19.7 million security clearance applicants 2 million family and […]

  • social media hack

    Fraudsters harvest data from social media to target grandparentsPersonal Finance


    The harvesting of personal details blithely posted on social media sites continues. Some of the parties doing this harvesting have criminal intent. One manifested outcome is a rash of scams targeting grandparents. This is yet another example of how the obliteration of privacy—which underpins the business models of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat— has proven to be a boon for scammers. Fraud investigators at IDT911, which sponsors ThirdCertainty, are helping victims recover from a rash […]

  • Beware Hotel Booking ScamsPress, Personal Finance


    Adam Levin spoke with Lynda Baquero at NBC New York about online scams targeting people trying to book hotel rooms. “They [scammers] are creating, effectively, clone sites. The goal is to make you believe that they’re a well-known booking entity… to either steal your money or get enough information to steal your identity,” Levin said. There are a few ways to avoid the scams, including making sure the booking website has a secure (https) connection, […]

  • 4 Important Things You Need to Know About Social SecurityFinancial Literacy, Personal Finance


    Retirement sounds exciting, but it can actually be a difficult landscape to understand and navigate. A retirement calculator can help guide your savings goals, both with a total target you are trying to hit and a monthly amount to include in your budget. But figuring out how much you can expect to get in Social Security benefits can be a little more difficult. (You can get a personalized estimate from the Social Security Administration here.) For […]

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    Private Student Loan Co-Signers Rarely Let Off the Hook, CFPB FindsPersonal Finance


    The CFPB also warned parents about other provisions of private student loans. Some lenders have a list of criteria that permanently bars co-signers from release, such as any request for loan forbearance. Meanwhile, many agreements call for “auto-default” if the co-signer dies or declares bankruptcy, meaning the student is required to repay the loan in full immediately. “Parents and grandparents put their financial futures on the line by co-signing private student loans to help family […]

  • This Mother’s Day Should You Press Flowers or Fraud Charges?Personal Finance


    Mother’s Day is a special time to celebrate all those kisses and hugs, the rides to the mall, the doctors’ appointments, the countless soccer-basketball-baseball games, a special note tucked into a pocket or care package sent to camp. But remember sometimes it’s what a person doesn’t do that matters, and some moms are just bad to the bone. More than 30% of identity theft cases involve a family member or close friend. The reason is […]

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    5 Unconventional Ways to Get a LoanPersonal Finance


    Whether you’ve been rejected for credit in the past or you are just interested in alternative loan methods, it’s nice to know that there are options out there aside from dealing with big banks. Getting rejected is never fun, and if you have bad credit, you know this all too well. Maybe you are starting or growing a business, need a loan to get out of a tight financial situation or think you have a surefire […]

  • Last-Minute Tax Filers: Beware of This Obamacare ScamPersonal Finance


    For all stripe of rip-off artist, tax season might as well be called open season. Scams are legion, and navigating a solution after the fact can be somewhere between maddening and negotiating an Iran deal that everyone likes. Last month the IRS issued a warning that received scant attention from the media, but nonetheless could impact millions of taxpayers this year — particularly targeting low-income, elderly and Spanish-speaking taxpayers. The scam takes advantage of the […]

  • Will Your Next Debt Collector Be a Robot?Personal Finance


    Are the days of debt collectors sitting in cubicles “dialing for dollars” numbered? Debt collection, like many sectors of the economy, is starting to go digital. So if the idea of talking with a debt collector automatically puts your stomach in knots, you may be in for a pleasant surprise: In the not-too-distant future, your debt collector may be a computer. William Lowe, director of operations for Gluu.org, a firm that writes and supports open source […]