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  • Marc Weber Tobias and Adam Levin on Identity TheftPersonal Finance, Identity Theft


    Security experts Marc Weber Tobias and Adam Levin discussed the recent trends in identity theft, and the threat it poses to consumers. To read the article on Forbes.com, click here, or click the video above to see the full interview.    

  • Credit Card Interest Rate

    UAE Bank Issues Scented Credit CardPersonal Finance, Humor


    A bank in the Middle East released a scented credit card in January, targeting women with this financial product that doubles as a medium for self-expression. Al Hilal, the bank, says it’s the first scented credit card in the United Arab Emirates. It may be new to the UAE, but scented credit cards were introduced a while ago. Japan Credit Bureau introduced a scented credit card (also aimed at women) in 2005, though it’s unclear […]

  • Personal Loan

    6 Signs it May Be Time to Switch BanksFinancial Literacy, Personal Finance


    With the new year under way, many of us have been trying to break bad habits and instill new ones in our lives for 2015. Perhaps you’re looking to increase positive relationships and influences while eliminating negative ones. While you’re assessing these positive moves, it’s a good idea to include your bank. That’s right, this can be a good time to look at how your bank is treating you. Check out the following signs it may be […]

  • How to Find and Close Your Old Online AccountsLifehacking, Personal Finance


    I remember my first online accounts. I just wish I could find them. When I was a teenager, there was some blogging or profile site most people in my school had, and I can’t for the life of me remember what it was (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Friendster, MySpace, Xanga or LiveJournal — I really have no idea). I do remember my page having a black background and lime green text, and there was […]

  • Are You Ready for the Latest Cyber Threat at Work?Personal Finance


    The latest greatest swindlers in the cybercrime racket know you’re onto their digital three-card monte, and they’ve made a few adjustments, putting yet another wrinkle in the corporate-hacking game by targeting top-level employees for major profits. These hackers appear to be based in North America or Western Europe, and they know a great deal about the companies and industries they’ve been cracking. They could be “white-collar hackers” or just good studies of character. It really […]

  • 73,000 Webcams Are Open to Peeping Toms—Is Yours?Personal Finance


    If the past year has taught consumers anything, it’s that identity thieves, fraudsters and scammers are on the prowl, going after any information they can use to make a buck. But the intrusions don’t stop there. If the thought of being the unwitting star of your own prime time reality show gives you the willies, consider the recent revelation that more than 73,000 unsecured webcams and surveillance cameras are, as I write this column, viewable […]

  • It’s 10 PM. Do You Know Where Your Social Security Number Is?Personal Finance


    Your Social Security number is a skeleton key in the hands of an identity thief, but it’s not just about money. Those nine digits are used in too many transactions to enumerate, and because of that, there are plenty of opportunities for them to fall into the wrong hands. Whether we’re talking about tax fraud or more serious kinds of identity theft that could land you on a no-fly or even a most-wanted list–crimes committed […]

  • This Election Year’s Darwin Award Goes to the Folks Behind this Political MailerPersonal Finance


    Did you hear the one about the Kentucky GOP candidate who asked his attorney general to investigate the state Democratic Party for allegedly sending out his Social Security number to thousands of constituents? Sorry to say, there’s no punch line here, because according to recent reports, it actually happened. Introducing Jeff Jobe. He’s running against one Johnny Bell, the incumbent Democrat representative of District 23 in Kentucky’s House of Representatives. It’s a local race with […]

  • Hacker

    The JP Morgan Breach: How to Protect YourselfPersonal Finance


    JP  Morgan’s recent disclosure that their data breach this summer compromised more than 76 million personal and small business accounts has sent customers and bankers alike scrambling to ensure that their data, identities, and financial well-being aren’t at risk. Although the banking giant has assured customers that they won’t be responsible for fraudulent charges and committed to spending $250 million toward (belatedly) enhancing their cyber security measures, a hack attack of this magnitude poses an even greater threat than the […]

  • How Your Job Search Could Threaten Your IdentityPersonal Finance


    You finally landed a great job. Whether you were a new graduate, or among the long-term unemployed or under-employed, you put yourself out there and made it happen. But let’s say that you flipped a few stones on the job market that were best left unturned, and you got scammed somewhere along the way. It’s not an uncommon tale. Think of it this way: A scammer’s job is more difficult these days with so many […]