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10 Things to Know about Credit Monitoring


The personal information of 143 million people was compromised in the recent Equifax data breach, and since then it seems like everyone and their dog is talking about protecting themselves with credit monitoring. If only it were that simple.   Credit monitoring services, like any service, have their pros and cons. Before you enroll in a monitoring service or decide to take it upon yourself to monitor your credit, check out the following 10 things […]

  • Alabama ransomware attack: think before clicking on emailData Security


    Last week, if you wanted a vehicle tag or a license in Montgomery County, Alabama, you were out of luck. Hackers request bitcoins Hackers knocked many county computers offline with a ransomware attack, local officials say. The probate office took the worst of the attack, which hit late Monday, so business licenses, marriage licenses, and vehicle tags were all unavailable. (Driver’s license systems were not impacted.) So was the county sheriff’s website. “We noticed the system was acting up at about 4:55 […]

  • Identity theft

    Identity Thieves Bought a New Car in Her Name—Here’s How She’s Fighting ItIdentity Theft


    Jen* is one of the few people that opens and reads every piece of mail they receive. It’s a quirk that has paid off: A piece of junk mail is how Jen found out someone had stolen her identity. “I opened a letter from Macy’s, which I thought was weird,” she said. “I haven’t shopped there in years. But the letter was a rejection of a credit card application.” Jen took immediate action, placing a credit […]

  • Consumers clamor for free credit freezes in wake of Equifax breachcredit, Cybersecurity, Identity Theft


    Victims of the Equifax data hack, please sit tight. I’d hate to see people paying money for the wrong thing. That’s already happening to people like, John, in Texas, who ended up regretting his purchase of a $19.95 credit monitoring subscription. Also, I think eventually the right thing is going to happen and consumers will be able to freeze their credit reports—for free. There is, finally, momentum in that direction. If you are sure you don’t need […]

  • Worried about Your Online Information? Use a Virtual Credit Cardcredit


    Even when online retailers strive to keep customer information safe, data breaches happen. Hackers and thieves are constantly working to gain access to your sensitive data, including credit card numbers. Data breaches are on the rise and could cost businesses $8 trillion over the next five years. But some credit card issuers, like Bank of America and Citibank, offer virtual card numbers to help you protect your credit card information when you shop online. These virtual card numbers are […]

  • Power grid hacking

    Hackers reportedly infiltrate deep into U.S. power gridsTechnology


    It started off as a fake invitation to a New Year’s Eve party, emailed to energy section employees. It ended with hackers taking screen shots of power grid control computer screens. Well, we can only hope it ended there. “The energy sector in Europe and North America is being targeted by a new wave of cyber attacks that could provide attackers with the means to severely disrupt affected operations,” Symantec wrote in its report. Symantec Corp. released an alarming report last week claiming […]

  • Equifax Data Breach

    Consumers must demand answers on Equifax data breachData Security, Consumer Protection


    Until murky details are cleared up, follow best practices for protecting personal information Equifax needs to start answering questions, fast. And this better be a turning point in consumer rights around use and storage of their personal information. It’s not even clear from the PR-worded statement that 143 million Social Security numbers were stolen, though that’s the clear implication. All we know is most Americans are “potentially” impacted. A bunch of driver’s license numbers were stolen, too. Really, all we […]

  • venmo

    How to Protect Yourself on Venmo in 5 MinutesData Security, Banking


    With Venmo being one of the most popular ways to send money, it makes sense to wonder what’s keeping your personal data and digital wallet safe. Venmo has made strides to improve its security in the past two years, but here’s the short answer to how safe Venmo is—protecting yourself comes almost entirely down to you. How to Keep Your Personal Info Safe on Venmo It takes only five minutes to make your Venmo account […]

  • privacy device

    How to stop the tracking of every digital move you makePrivacy


    Device lets you block your browsing habits, keep online life private Consumers’ digital trails—from their browsing and social media habits to search-engine inquiries—are a boon to financial institutions, which can use this treasure trove of data to analyze borrowing risk and other factors. More than 3,000 services worldwide track and gather this data, aggregating and selling it for banks’ use, unbeknown to consumers. “The trackers are gathering our browsing habits down to our mouse movement and […]

  • Is GPS hacking causing U.S. Navy ships to crash?Data Security, Technology


    For years, security researchers and consumers have been fixated on concerns around hacking cars. Maybe they should worry about ship hacking instead. Several recent collisions involving U.S. naval vessels have sparked speculation that someone or something is interfering with the ships’ ability to steer clear of other vessels in busy waters. The striking similarities between Monday’s incident involving the Navy destroyer USS John S. McCain, and June’s incident involving another destroyer, the Fitzgerald, suggest to observers some kind […]