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  • Debt

    How to Get on the Same Financial Page With Your SpousePersonal Finance


    When you say “I do,” many wedding vows have you agreeing to a lifetime of better or worse, in sickness and health for richer or poorer. The richer or poorer section of vows may seem silly to two (mostly) financially stable individuals tying the knot. But money can be a point of contention for many marriages. It’s important to take the time to discuss goals and strategies with your partner before the wedding day and then […]

  • 4 Steps for Getting the Best Financial Aidstudent loans


    We have all heard it in the news. Most of us have even heard it from our friends and family: Student loan debt is taking a serious toll on those who choose to pursue higher education. In order to curb some of these intimidating costs, it’s a good idea to make sure that you or your child applies to receive financial aid. You may think you know how to fill out the necessary forms and get […]

  • Thinking About Taking Out a Loan? Read This FirstFinancial Literacy, Personal Finance


    The prospect of taking on debt can be nerve-racking, but borrowing money can also help you make life-changing purchases. From funding your higher education to buying a home to meeting other financial needs, most people borrow money eventually. It’s a good idea to remember that it is always a financial risk when you borrow money, so it is important to do your research before making this kind of financial commitment. If you aren’t sure you […]

  • Your Right to Sue Your Bank May Be Getting StrongerBanking, Consumer Protection


    The fine print may be small, but it’s about to be the subject of a very large fight that will impact virtually every American consumer. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Wednesday it will propose a ban on arbitration clauses that prevent consumers from participating in class-action lawsuits, a move likely to generate the consumer watchdog’s biggest fight to date. Corporations with an eye towards streamlining disputes with customers have for years included mandatory arbitration […]

  • Home ownership

    The Key to a Smooth Mortgage Process? PaperworkPersonal Finance


    So you are ready to apply for a mortgage or refinance your current mortgage to terms better suited for you? You may be focusing on your home or researching the details of the arrangement, which is great, but you might want to get down to work on paperwork. You will always need to prove your ability to pay when taking out such a large loan. It’s a good idea to be prepared for some serious […]

  • Credit Cards

    How Much Credit Card Debt Will You Have? Your Hometown May Be a Big Factorcredit


    No one wants to find themselves buried under a bunch of credit card debt, but some of us are more prone to rack up debt than others, and it may be because of where we grew up. New research on credit card debt among college students indicates a person’s hometown has a greater impact on that person’s level of debt than his or her family or financial education. Researchers at the University of Kansas concluded […]

  • 11 Financial Behaviors You Don’t Want Your Kids to Learn From YouPersonal Finance


    This article originally appeared on Credit.com and was written by Jeff Rose.  There’s nothing I would love better than to sit down and tell my three boys all the right things do about money. Unfortunately, just as is the case with every other lesson we provide, kids learn more from what we do than what we say. My boys are no exception to this. If our words say one thing, but our behavior goes in […]

  • Scam Alert

    Millennials Are Most at Risk for Job ScamsConsumer Protection, Identity Theft


    Roughly one in six American job seekers have fallen for a scam when searching for work online, but victims are much more likely to be among the youngest Americans in the U.S. workforce, according to a recent survey. Considering that young people are generally seen to be more Internet-savvy than older people, it’s interesting that they’re more susceptible to scams, but millennials have a certain quality that might make them more likely to take the bait: […]

  • Nearly Half of Moms Go Into Debt Trying to Be the ‘Perfect Parent’Financial Literacy, Personal Finance


    You’d be hard pressed to find parents who don’t want the best for their kids, and many of them are spending beyond their means to do it. Nearly half (46%) of moms surveyed for BabyCenter’s 2015 Cost of Raising a Child report said they’ve gone into debt to cover child-rearing expenses, and that’s not terribly surprising, given that the survey puts the average annual cost of raising a kid at $13,248 (per child). To go […]

  • 3 Employee Benefits You’re Probably Taking for GrantedPersonal Finance


    Ping-pong table in the office? Free massages at your desk? Gourmet drink making classes on the clock? Some workplaces have really stepped up their game. While these “extras” can seem great, it’s important to make sure you are taking advantage of the important stuff. Check out some of the work benefits you may need to make sure you’re taking full advantage of. 1. Retirement Savings Many employers provide some sort of retirement plan, like a […]