Al Franken Holds a Mock Senate Hearing on Privacy with Siri...

Al Franken
Al Franken joins fellow SNL alum Laraine Newman with a cameo by Susan Bennett (the real Siri) in this mock Big Tech takedown.

Your Car is Most Likely Spying on You

Car Privacy
The new smart cars are a privacy nightmare for consumers.

Adam Levin’s Comments on MGM Casino Hack Featured in Washington Post

Washington Post
Adam Levin's comments on the recent hack of MGM Resorts was featured in the Washington Post. "If you’re a hospitality organization and in particular a...

John DeMay Lost His Son to a Sextortion Scam

Online crime is often inventive, but it can also be cruel with fatal results.

Ian Cohen Drops a Dime on the Myriad Trackers Stalking You

Ian Cohen Lokker
Feel like your every move online was being observed and weaponized? It’s worse than you think.

Ray Accidentally Counter Scams His Scammer Out of 365 Bucks

Ray Accidentally Counter Scams His Scammer Out of 365 Bucks
We love scams gone wrong, especially when the person targeted winds up making some money.

Mark’s UberEats Gig Gets Him Got

UberEats Gig Scam
Gig workers have to be on top of things, which is hard in a world filled with hacks and scams.

Daniel Simons Reveals Why We’ll All Be Fooled Again

Daniel Simons
Think you’re too smart to get scammed? A psychologist tells us why you’re wrong.

Four Cyber Capers We’re Not Allowed to Talk About (But We...

Four cyber capers
In this episode: Stories that almost made it on the show but didn’t because criminals are sorta scary.

Adam Levin Discusses Consumer Affairs on Consumerpedia Podcast

Adam Levin was a featured guest on the Consumerpedia podcast with host Herb Weisbaum. In a wide-ranging conversation, the two discussed corporate malfeasance on...