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GAO Report on Healthcare.gov: Security Flaws (WATCH)


Watch the latest video at video.foxbusiness.com Adam Levin was back in the studio with Gerri Willis to talk about the GAO report on Healthcare.gov that found the web site’s privacy and security controls were still not up to par and left consumer’s personal information up for grabs to hackers and identity thieves. Since the launch of the site, there have been glitches. The site was hacked during the summer which sent off alarm bells to […]

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    100 Percent Increase in Criminal Attacks on Healthcare EntitiesData Security, Blog


    The Ponemon Institute released a report today that includes some alarming news: Criminal attacks on healthcare organizations increased by an eye-popping 100 percent since 2010. With a continued ad-hoc approach to security at many organizations and millions of patients signing up for healthcare made possible by the Affordable Care Act, cybercriminals have been presented with an irresistible opportunity for potential crimes. 91 organizations were included in the study—11 more than last time around. The take-away: […]