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  • Social Security Is Changing Soon. Here’s What You Need to KnowFinancial Literacy, Retirement, Personal Finance


    There has been much buzz about Social Security recently—and with good reason. Section 831 of the Bipartisan Budget Act contains the first major change to Social Security claiming rules since the Senior Citizen Freedom to Work Act in 2000. Finding out who is affected and what they need to do is a challenge. The Social Security Administration sent an emergency message to its field offices in February explaining how its employees should implement the changes. […]

  • Credit Card

    6 Ways You Can Lose Your Credit Card Rewardscredit, Personal Finance


    Your points, miles and cash back are not nearly as secure as the money you deposit in a federally secured bank. Your credit card rewards are subject to some rules and terms that you need to follow in order to redeem and use them. Credit card rewards come in several different forms, and each has its own vulnerabilities. To make sure that you never lose your valuable rewards, consider these six ways that it can […]

  • Credit Cards

    5 Random Reasons Your Credit Score Could DropFinancial Literacy, credit, Personal Finance


    You likely know that monitoring your credit score is an important part of managing and maintaining your financial health, but it’s also important to understand how your credit score is calculated and the key factors that are used in the calculation. Even then, though, there are the outliers, the unknowns, the credit goblins that go bump in the night and, come morning, you’ve got a small ding on your credit score that you had no control […]

  • You’re Making the Same Money Your Parents Did … But You’re Probably Working HarderRetirement, Personal Finance


    Well, Millennial, you may have lower credit scores than Mom, less financial stability than Dad, and lack the funds to leave your childhood home. But there is one thing you have in common with the ‘rents — you’re probably making the same amount of money they did at your age. According to a new report from the Center for American Progress (CAP), median compensation (wages plus the value of employer benefits) for a 30-year-old in 2014 […]

  • Credit Card

    Are Hackers Already Outsmarting New Chip Credit Cards?Data Security, Personal Finance


    Visa has released data showing adoption of Visa chip cards by U.S. banks and merchants is gathering steam. But the capacity for Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) chip cards to swiftly and drastically reduce payment card fraud in the United States is by no means assured. Just look north to Canada, where EMV cards have been in wide use since 2011. Criminals have simply shifted fraudulent use of payment card accounts to online purchases—where the physical card does […]

  • Debt

    5 Sad Facts About Americans’ SavingsPersonal Finance


    Spend less than you earn. It’s not a complicated concept, but in reality, saving is anything but simple. Americans have struggled for years to save adequately for emergencies, retirement and major life events, and that’s still the case, according to a new survey. The Consumer Federation of America and the American Savings Education Council coordinated the survey as a part of America Saves Week, which encourages people to make automatic contributions to their savings. This […]

  • Money

    How to Use Your Extra Day of Income This Leap YearPersonal Finance, Money


    If you’re an hourly worker, February could potentially give you an extra day of earnings this year, thanks to Leap Year. That means, for example, if you make $12 an hour, you’ll have almost an extra $100 before taxes that you can use to shore up your personal finances. It might not be a huge amount, but it could get you on the road to reaching your financial goals. Here are five ways you can use […]

  • Scam Alert

    Tax Email Scams Are Up 400%Identity Theft, Technology


    Filers beware: There’s a good chance there’s a tax scam email in your inbox. According to the Internal Revenue Service, there’s been an approximate 400% surge in phishing and malware incidents so far this tax season. In other words, plenty of thieves are currently sending out texts and emails under the guise of the IRS or other tax industry players this year. These messages are an attempt to steal personal information or data related to your tax refunds, filing status, transcripts […]

  • Identity theft

    5 Ways Identity Theft Totally Screws Up Your LifeIdentity Theft


    Identity theft is on the rise in the United States — at least reports of identity theft are way up — and oftentimes, people don’t realize they’re victims until a thief has already made a mess of things. Some of those messes are more challenging to clean up than others. It sometimes takes years to repair the damage done by identity thieves, and unfortunately, it’s very difficult to prevent it from happening in the first […]

  • Shocked couple paying bills

    Worried About Another Recession? Here’s Something You Can ControlPersonal Finance


    Some analysts and economists are worried there might be an economic contraction or recession in the very near future. Stock markets are falling, oil prices are falling and other (slightly more advanced) indicators are making Americans worried about just how healthy the economy is. Some Americans may need to look for another job or open up their coffers (and potentially lines of credit or credit cards) as they pinch pennies. That’s when a good credit scoremay come […]