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  • (Video) Clinton: There was no classified info in my e-mailsData Security, Government, Video, Technology


    Adam Levin spoke with Liz Claman on Countdown to the Closing Bell on Fox Business about the security issues surrounding Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s ‘homebrew’ e-mail server. Levin voiced his concerns: “Was it privacy? Was it security?… I always get scared when convenience trumps security.” Click the video above to see the full interview.

  • How Serious is the US CentCom Twitter Hack?Press, Government, Politics, Blog, Technology


    While President Obama was announcing his initiative to boost cyber security, the U.S. Central Command’s Twitter and Youtube accounts were hacked by a pro-ISIS group. How concerned should we be? Has Cyber War replaced the Cold War? Adam Levin discussed this on the Willis Report this week – see the interview below:

  • Scam Alert

    Ebola Spammers are Spreading MalwareData Security, Blog, Technology


    Ebola is a scary disease. Its spread in sub-Saharan Africa has captured the world’s attention as the death toll approaches 5,000, and President Obama appointed an official “Ebola Czar.” Talking heads and media outlets in the United States have even started talking about a travel ban on countries from the West African outbreak zone. In the midst of such widespread worry, hackers have seized upon the opportunity to find new ways to break into the […]

  • Hacker

    The JP Morgan Breach: How to Protect YourselfPersonal Finance


    JP  Morgan’s recent disclosure that their data breach this summer compromised more than 76 million personal and small business accounts has sent customers and bankers alike scrambling to ensure that their data, identities, and financial well-being aren’t at risk. Although the banking giant has assured customers that they won’t be responsible for fraudulent charges and committed to spending $250 million toward (belatedly) enhancing their cyber security measures, a hack attack of this magnitude poses an even greater threat than the […]

  • 6 Ways to Keep Your Roommate from Wrecking Your CreditBlog, Personal Finance


    Although roommates can be a great way to split expenses, having the wrong one can impact your financial well-being for years to come. Below are a few simple tips to protect your finances and identity from flaky or ill-intentioned roommates (sadly, when it comes to getting them to wash their own dishes and not eat your food, you’re kind of on your own): 1)      Keep enough in savings to cover the rent: This falls under […]

  • The Home Depot Breach: 3 Quick Ways to Protect YourselfBlog, Personal Finance


    Home Depot confirmed yesterday that it was the latest retailer to suffer a major credit and debit card breach. Once again consumers will have to scramble to make sure their money is still in their possession and check that their their credit hasn’t been illegally tapped. What should you do? The short answer at this point: assume the worst. Even if you don’t shop at Home Depot, Target, Sally Beauty, Goodwill, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, or […]

  • Afraid woman

    Name Scams: 3 Ways You Can Get GotPersonal Finance


    Your personally identifiable information (PII) is all around you, and much of it is impossible to protect. While your driver’s license and Social Security numbers are a significant part of the equation, you can take certain protective measures to keep those from prying eyes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case when it comes to more visible forms of PII—like your birthday, email address, home address and even your name. There are criminals out there who see […]

  • The Hidden Dangers in Your Kid’s BackpackColumn, Data Security, Blog


    Whether you’re scanning the surf to protect your little ones from a rogue jellyfish, lazing at home on a stay-cation or carting kids to camp, you’re probably already thinking about your back-to-school to-do lists. While you’re out there searching for the perfect backpack for your child, the more important consideration than style, size and color should be – what can happen if a dishonest person gets a hold of it? The things your child carries […]

  • QUIZ: What’s Your ID IQ?Column, Blog, Personal Finance


    The first step when it comes to identity theft is admitting you have a problem. Knowing your ID IQ is a good place to start. You’ve probably seen those red-and-white buttons that warble when swatted, “That was easy!” However, on the battlefield of identity theft awareness, nothing is easy. People know it’s a threat, but try getting anyone to pay attention to the ever-evolving threats that are out there and perhaps you will understand why […]