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A year later, Heartbleed bug still hasn’t been squashed


A recent report by cybersecurity management firm Venafi showing that a vast majority of the world’s largest companies remain vulnerable to attacks stemming from the Heartbleed flaw suggests that many have not grasped the full nature of the threat nor do they think the risk justifies the cost of remediating it. It’s been exactly one year since details of the OpenSSL flaw were first publicly disclosed. In the 12 months since then, numerous security researchers, […]

  • Heartbleed: Did the NSA Know?Press, Blog


    Adam Levin spoke with Dimitri Sotis from WTOP Washington about the biggest story in security…perhaps ever. The Heartbleed security bug in OpenSSL is serious. The repercussions are still unclear, but experts agree that this is a major discovery and the fallout could dwarf any cyber crime seen to date. Did the NSA know about Heartbleed and exploit the bug, instead of reporting it? Some say yes, some say no. Here is the interview:

  • The Heartbleed Bug: Changing Your Passwords Isn’t EnoughPress


    The Heartbleed bug has sent a shockwave through the Internet, as millions of users try to take stock of all of the accounts they’ve ever created and figure out how to change their passwords. Too bad their passwords are just the beginning of the problem. Given the reach of Heartbleed and how long the bug existed, it’s hard to even say how much data unscrupulous hackers could’ve gotten their hands on and, because of how […]

  • How to Remember All the Passwords You’re ResettingColumn, Blog


    If you’re like most people, the news of the Heartbleed bug and how broadly its security flaw spread is worrisome enough. But the list of sites where you absolutely have to change your passwords looks daunting for anyone. You probably have to change passwords on your email, your Facebook, and maybe even your online dating profile, not to mention potentially countless online shopping sites (depending upon the depth and breadth of your need to shop […]