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  • Tax fraud

    How to Make Sure Someone Doesn’t Steal Your Tax RefundPersonal Finance, Identity Theft


    Americans taxpayers are too lax about identity theft, according to CyberScout. A survey conducted by the data security and identity protection firm found more than half of Americans aren’t worried about tax fraud, despite federal reports showing identity thieves filed 787,000 fraudulent returns in 2016, which adds up to more than $4 billion in fraud. The survey also found that only 35% of taxpayers ask their preparers to use two-factor authentication (which is stronger than […]

  • Student loan scam

    5 Ways to Spot a Student Loan Scamstudent loans


    “I LOVE my student loan debt,” said no one, ever. Not only can student loan repayment be difficult to understand, it can crush your budget, and whenever there’s confusion and desperation, there’s someone trying to make money off it. There are a handful of legitimate ways you can make your student loan payments more affordable, but it’s very likely you’ll come across student loan scams if you’re researching repayment options. These scams vary widely — […]

  • cyber crime

    Identity Theft Hit an All-Time High in 2016Identity Theft


    Despite years of battling by the financial industry and a massive change in the way Americans use debit and credit cards, the rate of identity theft soared during 2016, a new report has found. In fact, it hit an all-time high. An estimated 15.4 million consumers were hit with some kind of ID theft last year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research, up from 13.1 million the year before. The report begins ominously: “2016 will […]

  • malware

    Your social media posts are popular—with hackersData Security


    Social media is embedded in our lives—Facebook alone had 1.79 billion daily users as of September 2016—which means cyber criminals are not far behind. As companies increasingly rely on this digital channel for marketing, recruiting, customer service and other business functions, social media also has become a highly effective vehicle for cyber attacks. Outside of the corporate network perimeter and an organization’s control, it throws traditional security approaches out the window. A growing category of […]

  • mortgage

    Looking to Get a Mortgage in 2017? Here’s What You Need to KnowMortgages


    The mortgage industry has gone through some changes in the last three months. If you are looking to finance a home in 2017, it is important that you know what the opportunities are and how to capitalize on them. Over the next 12 months, here are some things to keep in mind as you consider your financing. Interest rates have spiked and are now sitting at over 4% on the widely popular 30-year fixed-rate mortgages. This […]

  • Credit Card

    Look to EMV chip cards for recent rise in digital credit, debit fraud attemptsPersonal Finance, Money


    Those fraud-fighting, chip-enabled credit cards seem to be everywhere now and—credit card fraud activity is up dramatically. That might actually be a good thing, however. Retail fraud attempts rose 31 percent during the holiday shopping season, compared to last year, according to fraud-fighting firm ACI Worldwide. The firm says 1 out of every 97 transactions was a fraudulent attempt during December. Related infographic: Fraudsters adjust to new EMV chip cards. “Over the 2016 holiday shopping […]

  • Donald Trump

    How to Prepare Your Money for a Trump PresidencyPersonal Finance


    After a volatile election, President-elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Jan. 20. Consumers are divided over what this means for their finances — some are eager to bet big on American stocks, while others are considering hiding their cash under a mattress. To help you prepare for the changes ahead, we spoke with a handful of financial experts who shared their thoughts on investing with caution. ‘Dysfunctional Politics Aren’t New’  “We tend to […]

  • How Your Netflix Obsession Could Get You ScammedTechnology


    A new scam targeting Netflix users is being reported by a cyber-security company that says the scammers are trying to get credit card and other personal information. FireEye Labs first reported the phishing scam earlier this week, saying customers should be wary of any emails asking them to update their Netflix member information. Netflix had not posted any guidance for customers on its blogs nor released an official statement at the time of this writing, but […]

  • ATM Hack

    At new eATMs, customers can get cash without a card—and so can hackersCybersecurity, Technology


    More troubling evidence that banks and retailers push convenience on consumers to boost profits—while knowingly making it easier for criminals to steal—arose this week. Case in point: the terribly bungled rollout of newfangled “eATM” cash machines by Chase. Last year, you may recall, Chase promised to upgrade all its ATMs to this fun new technology. The so-called eATMs use smartphones instead of debit cards to authenticate users. Smartphones, indeed, are a very reliable way to […]

  • Unaffordable cities

    20 Cities That Are Quickly Becoming UnaffordableFinancial Literacy, Money


    America’s housing market continued its staggering post-recession rise in 2016, as many regions surpassed their pre-recession-bubble highs. With interest rates finally rising, might some of those places be primed for a fall…or at least a pause? The list of U.S. areas that could be hurt most by rising mortgage costs is not your typical list of overheated housing markets, as some fast-growing, but still modestly-priced Midwestern towns could feel the pain first. Rising home values […]